Hynotherapist Helen Rogers Reviews and Testimonials

  • ‘..travelling  was a pleasure for once, and my mum couldn’t quite believe the difference in me!  The feeling on the way out was a strange expectation in my mind of why wasn’t I feeling nervous on the way to the airport- but true enough, the nerves/anxiety never materialised.  On the way back I had to sit by a stranger and was in the middle seat of the row but coped without any panic at all. What a relief!’
    JP – Travel Phobia
  • ‘Just thought I’d drop you a line to say “I did it!!” Thank you so much for all your help, it really did help me get through it.  It was such a beautiful day just as I had imagined’
    LH – Wedding nerves
  • ‘..thought I’d message you with an update. It’s weird, but it’s worked really well. Well I was expecting it to work, but not in a way that feels totally natural. So thanks for that!! ”
    LL – Stop Smoking
  • ‘The good news is that since coming to see you, I have felt really calm and stress free and have naturally not experienced the anxiety that I used to have in similar situations that sparked these things before! I feel calm and more confident’
    HS – Anxiety & panic
  • ‘I had hypnotism for labour as it was my first pregnancy and I was apprehensive about what to expect. The results were fantastic. I felt completely in control throughout the whole labour and only needed gas and air for a short amount of time. I was so calm even the midwife who took over couldn’t believe I hadn’t had an epidural! If I go on to have a second child I would definitely have hypnotherapy again and would have no fears about labour at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of childbirth and I’m sure I have hypnotherapy to thank for it. Highly recommended’.
    AP – Pregnancy & Labour